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Pamela's Bronze Award for Excellence

First off congratulations on winning my bronze award of excellence. I found your site to be very informative and easy to navigate. Thank you for making the www a better place to visit and adding content that has a purpose to make the world a better place.

Wishing you much success. Pamela



  Morningstar's Award Program Webmaster Award

Oki Ni-kso-ko-wa: (Hello, greetings my relative): Congratulations!

I'd like to thank you for a site well put together.  I have completed the process of reviewing and evaluating your site.  I'm pleased to say that your site has been accepted for my Award. 


  Invision-Graphics Web Excellence Award

After careful consideration and evaluation of your site, we are honored to present you with the Web Design Award!

The site was very pleasant on the eyes and very well structured throughout and categorized into specific sections. This was a job well done and worthy of our award!

Congratulations once again on a job well done!

Invision-Graphics Inc
CEO Mr. Shawn DesRochers



NATAYADA Gold Web Award to Sts. Martha and Mary Website

Congratulations you win the NATAYADA™ web award, you got the gold one, your site will be added at the winners list.


the Global Directories Internet Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation
Click Here to Win this Award for

Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation

Hello, I am a Judge for Global Internet Directories Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation! and after carefully reviewing your website and judging it within the GID ("CRITERIA"), I award your website the gold award, images have appropriate ALT tags. The site is put together very nice, pages and images load fast, design and layout looks good, and it is easy to navigate. I find  this site well done in both code and content. corrections needed for higher award? None.

Site is complete and excellent in every respect. Keep up the good work and make the internet a better place.



David's Silver Shield and Cross Award for 2006 to Sts. Martha and Mary Website
Congratulations !!
Your Website Has Been Selected To Win a David' Awards Program Award. You Have a Wonderful Website and I have Enjoyed my Visit and I have awarded your website My Shield & Cross Award 2006 Silver Award!!.

Keep up the good work and make the net a better place ;-)

David's Place Themes/David's Awards Program



Art Space 2000 World Web Award of Excellence for 2006 - 2007

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.



Parent Supersite Award


I just finished reviewing your website. It was just wonderful, well organized and enlightening. Keep up the great work and God Bless.
Tammy Pinarbasi - Parent Super Site


Divine Web Presence Award

Hello Fr. Peter, I just love your In The Trenches column.

Your parish deserves recognition and to be celebrated for your creativity, effort, talent and excellence of design. The Fruits of your labor are evident and your hard work has been well worth it.  Thank you for being a spiritual source on the World Wide Web.
Congrats! & Blessings, Roz


The Talking Hands Award for 2006

Our judges and staff considered the six nominations for your production to receive "The Talking Hands Award". Our purpose is to reward web sites, who through their creative excellence provide a web site which teaches, contains teaching elements in sufficient detail, and otherwise leave a visitor with something of significant value after returning to their normal daily activities, which will enable them to be better citizens of the world.

Denny Lancaster - Talking Hands Award Coordinator



Thomas Sims Graves Award for Excellence - 2006

We are pleased to honor your site with our Bronze Award of excellence. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and hope you will continue to spread the "good news".

God Bless and Kind Regards,

Michael Graves

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