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Note from Fr. Edwin:

Today, all over the world, congregations like ours are coming together to celebrate as we are celebrating with heartfelt thanksgiving in a great act of common worship.  It is nearly 2000 years since Jesus Christ said ‘Do this in memory of me.’  The gospel reading tells us of the simple beginnings of the Mass, how Jesus, on the night he was to be betrayed, celebrated the eucharist, his final meal, with his disciples.  He took time to eat this meal with them so that they could share in and be part of his work.  He took bread, broke it saying: “Take it, this is my Body.’  Then he took a cup and when he had given thanks said “This is my blood, poured out for many.’  From the earliest days, the church has taken the Lord at his word.  By doing what Jesus himself did on that occasion we experience repeatedly his real presence among us.  With the gifts of bread and wine we bring what we are and what we have as an offering to the Lord. 

Corpus Christi is a festival for pondering with thanks on God’s hospitality to us, the supreme and final gift of his love.  The offering on the cross of our Lord is, for each one of us, fully effective.  We remember with gratitude the promise he made to be with his friends and followers as their food and nourishment in their pilgrimage through life.  All of us are people of journey facing the trials and sufferings of everyday happenings.  What better companion can we have for support than the presence of Jesus.?  Although we have not yet reached our final destination, traveling in his company is a powerful assurance that we are on the right road.  He is food for our souls and spiritual help we need to make us break off the chains that bind us to this earth.  Holy Communion is the remedy for our daily faults and not the reward for sanctity attained.  It is not because we are holy that we receive Jesus but because we wish to change and become like him.  What is demanded of us that we share the eucharist with other, for we make our pilgrimage through this valley of tears as a community and not as isolated individuals.


Mon. - June 19
9:00 a.m.  
Intentions of the parish

Tue. - June 20
:00 a.m.  +Josephine Hutcheson by Doreen Aonso

Wed. - June 21
9:00 a.m.  
+Nicoletta Gioia by Concetta Zumpano
Int. Deacon Bob & Maxine Geisel

Thu. - June 22
9:00 a.m.  
+Anthony Cremona by Pauline Cremona

Fri. - June 23
9:00 a.m.
 +Margherita Deguara by Joanne Vranic

Sat. - June 24
9:00 a.m. +Teresa Faga & +Victtoria Pileggi by Maria Faga
4:30 p.m. Intentions of the parish

Sun. - June 25
8:30 a.m.  +Pasquale, Antonio & Angelina by Mazzucco Family
10:00 a.m. 
+ Cenzo Latini by Elisa Latini
11:30 a.m. +Howard Stanley by Mary Stranges
+Darryl MacLeod by G. MacLeod Family

Pray for the sick of the parish, especially for Deacon Bob Geisel,  Patricia Kennedy, Levi Romero, David Re, Maria Dimatteo, Joe O’Hearn, Rita Zarb, Tasha Bishop, Joe Muscat, Nada Dancy,Catherina Donato, Bill Tuplin,  Mary Jane Lafleur, Rose & Henry Castelino, Karl Zakss, Tina Fiore, Violete Matar,   Lucy Vairo, Barney Gallant,  Helen Briers, Alfred Vella, Bill Kinch, Edward Glanc, Caroline Wood, Robert Masotti, Margaret Hickey, Teresa & Michael Manzo. Benny, Mary Pennell, Peter Braganza.

ShareLife – 30th Anniversary 1976-2006

There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” Acts 20:35

Our total to-date:  $ 35,229.30

Last Year’s Total: $  47,415.00

Our goal is             $ 48,500.00

Kindly donate to ShareLife.  Deposit your donation in the collection basket or drop it at the office or mail it to the parish.

Thank you.

Altar Servers: We need more Altar Servers. Boys and Girls who are in Grade three and above, who are willing to make a commitment are welcome. Please contact the parish office.

Lectors – June 21

Practice session for new readers will be held in the Church June 21 from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

If you are a new reader and cannot make the practice, please call Diane Kinney-Fisher at 905-602-1374.

New schedule will be available in sacristy Jun17/18 in sacristy.

St. Clement Church – Jun 25th @ 4 p.m.

Jump-Up Calypso Fest

A family Sunday afternoon & evening filled with live Steel Band music and Caribbean food.  Activities include a raffle, bake sale, face painting and games for kids.

Admission & Dinner

Adult $20   Teens $10      Children $5

Tickets: Rudy Fernandes 905-238-9167, or Reg Ryan 416-621-2812

Proceeds will be donated to 3 charities

Opus Dei- recollection at Sts. Martha & Mary

Ladies Retreat: Tuesday, June 20th   -  7:00 p.m.

Men’s Retreat: Tuesday, July 12th, -    7:00 p.m. 

Summer Youth Retreat

A dynamic summer program for ages 13-17 that challenges and inspires youth to live and share their Catholic faith.  The 5-day program is based on the spirituality of St. Maximilian Kolbe and directed by members of the Militia of the Immaculata movement, which he founded.  The retreat includes inspiring talks, powerful dramas, daily Mass, sports and recreation.

Theme: Only Love Creates    Date:July 26-30

Location: Mount Alverno Retreat Centre, Caledon, Ontario.

For registration form -9466 or email Visit to learn more about the MI.


Chuckle:  A burglar has entered a poor pastor’s house at mid-night, but was disturbed by his awakening. Drawing his weapon, he said, “If you stir you are a dead man.  I’m hunting for your money.”  “Let me get up and turn on the light,” said the pastor, “and I’ll hunt with you.”

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