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Dear Brother and Spouse:

Recently, a member who had purchased a Knights of Columbus $30,000 policy with an accidental death benefit and an Income Protection rider died suddenly in an accident. Believe me it happens every day.

Along with the sympathy of relatives and friends came the inevitable question: had he provided for his loved ones?

Thankfully, he had. From the Order, his widow received an immediate payment to pay off their mortgage and $60,000 in cash, which enabled her to pay final expenses and outstanding bills as well as adjust to a changed way of life. For the next 20 years, she will receive $1500 per month from K. of C. which, with retirement and government benefits, will allow her to choose to continue to spend her full time raising her children. By the end of the 20th year she will have received a total of $300,000 in cash from the K. of C.

With no obligation your part, I would welcome an opportunity to explain this method by which you could make similar arrangements for the protection of your loved ones.

Please contact me to discuss this further.

For prompt, courteous and professional service, contact me:
(905) 820-8117

Offering simple solutions and exceptional opportunities to move our families ahead financially…


Fraternal Benefits Advisor

“... Rendering pecuniary aid” 

The month of November in the Knights of Columbus is traditionally the time during which we remember our deceased Brother Knights - those who have gone to their eternal reward. 

Our thoughts also turn, naturally, to those who our Brother Knights have left behind, their widows and children. These are the same people, though of a different generation, who occupied Father McGivney’s thoughts in 1882 when he founded the Order. 

The first two reasons listed on our charter for the establishment of the Knights of Columbus are: “rendering pecuniary aid to its members, their families and beneficiaries of members” and “rendering mutual aid and assistance to its sick, disabled and needy members and their families”. 

My position as a field agent for the Order has evolved from those principles. I am here to help you plan financial security - both for yourself and for those who you may leave behind. I am not here to sell you insurance because you might die and be a part of our remembrances next November. I am here to sell you insurance because someone might live... and I think you love that someone and would like her to continue to live with dignity. 

It’s not a pretty thought, but picture the first November your loved ones will spend without you. How does it look? 

Call me today for an appointment. I want to hear from you.


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